Welcome to HellasPrototyping – You Design, We Build

Hellas Prototyping is a company founded in Greece that uses rapid prototyping technology in order to bring your designs in life. It specializes in rapid technologies such as industrial design, product development and rapid manufacturing. Its services include 3d printing & 3d scanning, rapid tooling, injection molding, pressure die casting and precision machining offering advantages such as the minimum possible time for the completion of any project, excellent quality, fast delivery as well as the minimum cost comparing to the competition. The activities of Hellas Prototyping benefit a wide range of industrial products and enterprises such as:

  • Mechanical Equipment Companies
  • Medical equipment and medical tool companies
  • Furniture industry
  • Toys design and production companies
  • Architects
  • Factories of electrical and electronic elements
  • Academic institutions
  • Factories of electrical and electronic elements
  • Car and marine industry
  • Air industry
  • Museums
  • Constructional and technical companies
  • Military equipment industry


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