Hellas Prototyping accepts files from any CAD package as soon as the geometry is exported as a STL (stereolithografy) file format. An STL file is a standard transmission file format in the rapid prototyping process and it approximates the surfaces of a parametric solid model using a mesh made from triangles in order to represent the physical model.

Please use the form below in order to upload with your files,and  request a  quotation for rapid prototypes and we will deliver it to you within a few hours in a PDF file format via e-mail. (You can send the 3D CAD models as long as they are in Pro/Engineer, STL, STEP, IGES or 3DS format.). If you have many models, please upload them as .zip or .rar format.

Pre-processing charges may apply to formats other than .stl files The model is built in white color, but any stated color can be used with an extra charge. The material used for building a model is ABS plus. Rapid prototype parts made from ABS can be further processed and more specifically can be sanded, milled, drilled, tapped, painted and even plated with nickel, chrome or copper.

Please leave any details of your file that might be taken into consideration for the construction of your model.

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