3D Scanning for Crystal SA

  Crystal SA was looking for an easy way to get drawings and 3d models of existing parts. These parts (four in total) had to be reversed engineered in order to capture the scan data. Hellas Prototyping used its 3d scanning services and got the scan data which would then was used to get a

3D Scanning – Its Benefits to Art and Archaeology

The primary benefit of laser scanning-also referred to as laser surveying-is its ability to gather precise data from objects and environments, which can be used to carry out a variety of procedures and applications, from examining manufactured parts for warping to creating animations of how the components of a machine would work. Ultimately, most 3D

3D Modeling: Using the Latest Innovations in Print

Printing Statues and Avatars “For games like World of Warcraft, Spore, and Rock Band, you can have your avatar printed using this type of technology,” he further noted. Customers can order printed characters from World of Warcraft through www.figureprints.com. FigurePrints are custom statues of World of Warcraft characters created using 3D color printing machines. The

Hellas Prototyping creates 3d CAD and prototype models for G-S S.A

Hellas Prototyping creates 3d CAD and prototype models for G-S S.A Hellas Prototyping offered its industrial design services in order to accomplish the creation of many new assembly products for G-S S.A company. The aim of the project was to design existing parts in 3d CAD, create assemblies and produce photorealistic images of them. However,

The National Technical University (NTUA) and HellasPrototyping

Hellas Prototyping in cooperation with the National Technical University NTUA (Ethnicon Metsovion  Polytechnion) has built prototype models which are used for precision measurement purposes by students.

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